Love Your Eyes!

You only want the best for your eyes and EyeMed can help keep them healthy. You get personalized, quality eyecare and prescription eyewear from a doctor you can trust.

Eyecare is important. But good health and clear vision don't just happen. With EyeMed coverage, you can keep your eyes healthy and get great savings on glasses, contacts, and laser vision correction.

EyeMed Vision Insurance Plan

EyeMed is the comprehensive vision insurance plan offered by The Standard Insurance Company.

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Your Coverage with EyeMed Vision Insurance

Your eye exam is covered every 12 months. EyeMed covers either prescription lenses or contact lenses once a year.


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Can't see the EyeMed Benefit specifics? Click Here for an image of EyeMed Benefits. Or Click Here to download a PDF of EyeMed Benefits

Benefit Description Copay Frequency
Your Coverage an EyeMed Access Network Doctor
Annual Exam • Focuses on your eyes and overall wellness $10 Every 12 months
Prescription Glasses $25 See frame and lenses
Frame • $110 allowance for a wide selection of frames
• 20% off amount over your allowance
Included in Presciption Glasses Every 24 months
Lenses • Single vision, bifocal, and trifocal lenses
• Lenticular Lenses
• Progressive Lenses
Included in Presciption Glasses
20% Discount
See lens Options
Every 12 months
Lens Options • Standard progressive lenses
• Premium progressive lenses
Standard: $90
(includes deductible)
Premium: Lens cost - 20% discount - $120 allowance + $90 = Member Cost
Every 12 months
Additional Lens Options • Standard Polycarbonate
• Tint (solid and gradient)
• Scratch Resistant Coating
• Anti-Reflective Coating
• Ultraviolet Coating
Every 12 months
(instead of glasses)
• Standard Fit & Follow Up Exams
• Premium Fit & Follow Up Exams
• Elective (outside annual exam)
• Medically Necessary
Covered up to $55
10% off of retail
Covered up to $115
Covered in full
Every 12 months
Extra Savings and Discounts Glasses and Sunglasses
• Get up to 40% off additional purchases of complete glasses
• Enjoy 20% off items not fully covered by the plan
Laser Vision Correction
• Average 15% off the regular price or 5% off the promotional price; discounts only available from contracted facilities.