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Our mission is to deliver superior patient care options through a partnership with our other Dental Care Providers to stop the disease/repair cycle by means of evidence-based methods of prevention and treatment.

The Standard High Dental Insurance Plan

The Standard High Dental Care plan includes a valuable feature that allows qualifying plan participants to carryover part of their unused annual maximum.

A participant earns dental rewards by submitting at least one claim for dental expenses incurred during the benefit year, while staying at or under the threshold amount for benefits received for that year. Employees and their covered dependents may accumulate rewards up to the stated maximum carryover amount, and then use those rewards for any covered dental procedures subject to applicable coinsurance and plan provisions.

If a plan participant doesn't submit a dental claim during a benefit year, all accumulated rewards are lost. But he or she can begin earning rewards again the very next year.

Benefit Threshold: $750
Dental benefits received for the year cannot exceed this amount.

Annual Carryover Amount: $400
Max Builder amount is added to the following year's maximum.

Maximum Carryover: $1,200
Maximum possible accumulation for Max Builder.